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If you would like to submit your own artwork please email


If you want to design your own artwork, we recommend (click on Link) CANVA PRO

You can get a free Trail for 30 days,

Please send the PDF file format Only

What are the specs to get my files printed correctly?


RES: In order to achieve a better quality print the image resolution must be minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch).

Uploading an image with lower resolution than 300 DPI will result in blurry and off-color print.


On Screen (72 dpi)After Printing (72 dpi)

COLOR: To ensure that the color mode of your artwork is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).
If you submit a non-CMYK file, converting any other types of color modes to CMYK will result in color shift or color degradation.


On Screen (RGB)After Printing (RGB)

BLEED AND CUT LINE: In order to cut your jobs in a proper manner, we need to have 0.25" extended borders on each side of the image(s) even if your art work has white bordering around the images.
For example for 5x7 post card we recommend 5.25x7.25 inches for print production.


SAFETY ZONE: when designing your job, consider placing the text at least 0.25" away from cutting marks (Crop marks) of each sides of the final cut size.


Text will get cut.


When sending an .eps or .pdf (Press Ready PDF) file, make sure you include crop marks (as shown below) so we can cut the job correctly.


This is the correct way.



 Files must be in CMYK colors, fonts converted to graphics, file is to size, min 1/8" bleed for any colors to the edge..  

Images provided must meet the requirements below.  We are not responsible for grainy, small or blurred images you provide.

Spot UV, Raised UV, Foil etc, requires artwork to be black and in it's own file.

Please name each file as company name/ front/ UV mask etc

PDF Vector is prefered, EPS and Ai are good too


We Accept: (PC Compatible only)
- Adobe Illustrator CS3 or lower (fonts must be converted to Graphics)
- Adobe Photoshop  (image must be flattened)
- Corel Draw 10-11 (fonts must be converted to curves)
- Corel Paint 10-11
- JPEG with at least 350 dpi              - PDF files
- TIFF with at least 350 dpi               - Freehand MX
*Gradients for Decal are up to 350 dpi


Unacceptable Art Formats
- Word documents                 - Free Hand
- Excel Files                            - Low Resolution Images­
- Power Point                         - Acrobat Reader


**All files must include fonts used in documents or converted to graphics, outlines. Artwork must be PC compatible as vector images or high-resolution pixilated images at 100% art size. Please submit all imported graphics, PMS color codes, support files, parent files, and a print of the actual digital file through email.

*Please email all artwork to

If your files are too big to email, please use



All engraving or sandblasting Files must be vector unless image print is requested.  

Line Style thickness is not accepted, must be flattened, all fonts must be converted to graphics

RES: In order to achieve a better quality print the image resolution must be minimum of 350 DPI (dots per inch) or higher (higher the dpi the better results).

Providing an image with lower resolution than 350 DPI will result in blurry and off-color print)


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